Making of Goatnet

Goatnet FAQs: How we are constructing our ecosystem

Why did we start Goatnet? How is Goatnet launching successfully? What is Goatnet’s customer acquisition strategy? What happens on Goatnet in this iteration? How is Goatnet so sure people will get on board? Where are Goatnet members recruited?

Why did we start Goatnet?

Social media and OTT streaming, spun positively, led us to this opportunity. We’re leaning heavily into where technology is inviting us, and that is to the powerful potential for communities to participate in elevated content creation. But not just to get the things we want to watch green lit, but to go along for the ride, to take the material from its seed stage to the production process, behind the scenes, to its premiere, distribution and long-tail results.

How is Goatnet launching successfully?

Goatnet is a platform. It has to have an intuitive front end and a smart go-to-market approach. The back end of the technology begins with a blue print and cost-effective, top-of-the-line partnerships that make the product better than off-the-shelf options and with a foundation for sustainable growth.

What is Goatnet's customer acquisition strategy? 

We believe in serving as a beacon for community that has the pursuit of greatness in common. So we zeroed in on the aspirational development space that’s prevalent particularly in amateur sports. Because we have a team with significant key relationships in sports, we are focused on bringing aboard the people involved in the playing, coaching and orchestrating of competitions and preparation along those lines. Athletes and their supporters, fans included, don’t have anything like this, a property with innovative utility on their way up, while they’re thriving, or in their legacies. We play to that, genuinely and simply.

What happens on Goatnet in this iteration?

When a person is invited to Goatnet and welcomed to an Attraction, she or he gets what we call a CRDNTL. That profile introduces the member to a six-degrees-of-separation theme of greatness, starting with what that term brings to mind in their lives. By weighing in on Goatnet with short-form takes, stories and ideas they’d like to see explored, their CRDNTL gets populated and relevant new material and opportunities to interact follow.

How is Goatnet so sure people will get on board?

It’s already happening, but not just because we hope so. It’s happening because it’s all about the blend of math, value and packaging. You can lead a horse to water. But a GOAT wants more, and we realize the power of influence, of recognizing greatness at every level, in achievements that never have been celebrated sufficiently. By putting a spotlight on accomplishments and extracting suggestions from those we celebrate initially, we secure the communities around them and take it from there.

Where are Goatnet members recruited? 

We have done significant groundwork in the amateur, collegiate, professional and “retired” ranks, along with finding the greatest partners among vendors and technologists serving those markets. What began with friends and family taking Goatnet for a test drive allowed us to further develop in ways that make the next wave of members part of a productive, engaged focus group that offers independent energy to the beta phase. One thing we found, for instance, is that the greats next door, the unsung greats, are parts of communities that have chomped at the bit to cheer for ages. Our stories matter. The greatness inside us and around us, manifested on an efficient, ground-breaking platform that leverages affordable technology is what the greatest of all time network is about. The database cannot lie. We like to say: It’s goat time.