Making of Goatnet

Introducing The CRDNTL

The CRDNTL is your command post for new media and brand development. Currently in BETA, the CRDNTL becomes available to the public in 2024.

In setting the foundation for a Greatness-themed ecosystem, we were fully aware that the best role models in the world aren’t necessarily famous.

So we didn’t design profiles like any others. We aimed higher, inventing the CRDNTL. It’s the core of our product, showcasing the stories & attributes of each verified Goatnet member & guest.

What do household names have in common? They’re also everyday people. GOATs & GOATs next door, with CRDNTLs, connected for the purpose of greatness shared & in the making.

Perks of a verified CRDNTL & Goatnet Membership:

  • GOAT POD Interview w/ customized social and long-form assets
  • Your choice of Avatars
  • Connect approved social accounts and preexisting content
  • See & Share Great Content
  • G-List Channels & Members
  • Participate in an Attraction
  • Add “By The Numbers” data
  • Set up shop on SuperGoods
  • Experiences & Partner Discounts